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o2 Future Stores Germany

Creative Conception and Experience Design for o2’s Flagship Stores

o2 Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications services provider in Germany. With its Future Store concept, o2 Telefónica constantly rethinks the retail experience. Quarterly updated exhibition areas invite visitors to explore latest technology trends, test gadgets and learn more about what their phone can do. In Germany, more than 60 Stores of the Future exist.  

As Concept Designer with Interone GmbH it was my job to develop creative and technological concepts for following store updates:

o2 Future Stores

Sport Update 2016

Accompanying the UEFA EURO and the Olympic Games in Rio, in summer 2016 the o2 Future Stores became sports arenas themselves. Embedded in a colourful design resembling lines on a sports pitch, we showcased gadgets such as the Samsung Gear VR.

What I did:

  • Testing gadgets

  • Developing creative ideas for visual merchandise

  • UX and technical conception

  • UX concept for VR interface


What I take away: Designing an experience that would allow shoppers to try out the VR headset without friction was challenging from both a UX and a technical perspective. Seeing our solution finally come to live, was a great experience for me.

o2 Future Stores

Travel Update 2017

In Summer 2017 the o2 Future Stores became digital travel agencies.

Presented in suitcases we introduced customers to digital apps and products that would make their summer holidays more convenient and enjoyable.


What I did:

  • Creative ideas for visual merchandise

  • 3D prototyping in Blender

  • UX design and technical conception

o2 Future Stores

Music Update 2018

For the Autumn update 2017 we developed a testing station which enabled customers to compare headphones and speakers in a novel and convenient way. By linking sensors with a sophisticated mobile app, users could select a certain speaker (or headphone) which then automatically started to play a song. Meanwhile, the app instantly viewed information on the chosen device.  


What I did:

  • Creative ideas for visual merchandise

  • 3D modelling of prototype

  • Experience design and technical concept

  • UX co-conception of the app


What I take away: The most interesting part about this project was the technical realisation of linking the physical devices with the mobile app. Creating an experience that would encourage customers to experiment was another fun thing to do.

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