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Cards for Humanity

A Gamification Approach to Business Transformation

The Client: Social Chain

Social Chain is a global social media agency based in Manchester, UK. With its network of social media communities, Social Chain has the capacity to reach up to 386 million people. Social Chain's playful corporate culture attracts young talents, resulting in an average age of 22 years.

The Challenge

Social Chain intends to use its network and reach to do good. How employees, communities and the corporate culture could be used best to make a lasting impact, however, was yet to be defined. Therefore, Social Chain asked us, the Hyper Island UK crew, to consult in a business transformation case:


How might Social Chain transform its business and culture in order to make a lasting and meaningful impact.

The Solution

Fitting Social Chains culture, we developed Cards for Humanity, a playful project management toolbox hat offers a wide range of solutions for transforming Social Chain and running social good projects.

The Prototype

Cards for Humanity comprises 9 Card Decks, each addressing one of Social Chain’s most pressing questions. 

Each deck offers a variety of Action Cards which introduce solutions and explain how they can be implemented and what resources are needed to do so.

The Pitch

Together with our fellow Hyper Island peers, we pitched our solutions to Social Chain's global management team. 

The Team

Pedro Henrique Marques 

Sydney Debaque

Anubhav Bhatia

Ana Luciá Quiroz Salazar

Nono Weinzierl

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