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The Hour-After Pill

Rethinking the Pharmacy Delivery Chain

The Client: Well Digital

Well Digital is an in-house tech startup of Well, UK’s largest independent pharmacy chain. Following its mission to “bring pharmacy into the digital age”, Well Digital got in contact with us at Hyper Island Manchester in order to innovate their distribution of the emergency contraceptive pills ellaOne – better known as the morning-after pill. 

The Challenge

Well Digital presented us with a delicate yet exciting innovation briefing which was later transferred by our project team into following challenge statement:

For people who need emergency contraception, Well Digital wants us to conceptualise a new, seamless, and discreet digital solution that delivers the emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne smoothly and without stigmatisation.

The Solution

The Hour-After Pill by Well is a business concept that innovates the delivery model of Well's pharmacies. The key idea of our proposal is that Well should partner with existing city delivery services such as Deliveroo or UBER eats in order to deliver the emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne in around one hour to the doorstep of women in need. 


Further, the developed concepts provides a feasible and scalable framework for innovating the current cost-inefficient and out-dated delivery model for repeat prescriptions, too. 

Exploration Phase: Conducting 13 Interviews

During the Exploration phase, we conducted 13 in-depth interviews with pharmacists as well as women who already had experience with emergency contraception. After capturing and sharing insights, quotes, and observations, we then identified three key insights, stating that users expected the acquirement of emergency contraception to be discreet, convenient and quick.

Ideation and Testing Phase: Refining a Two-Pronged Approach

Based on the key insights we developed a two-pronged approach to distributing the emergency contraceptive pill ellaOne: One focussing on home delivery and one on a in-store pick-up service.


In three consecutive iterations based on the Lean Startup Feedback Loop we tested and refined both concepts with real users by using a mix of paper and digital prototyping as well as acting out human interactions. 

Mobile wireframes for the online order service

The Pitch

At the end of the project our client Well Digital was invited to our co-working space where we presented our concept which aroused keen interest and also resulted in a fine Twitter post

The Team

Anubhav Bhatia

Rheya Hemrajani 

Mia Kristensen

Maggie Lee

Nono Weinzierl

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