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Creative Data

Bachelor's Thesis 

Programme: Bsc. Online Media Management 

University: Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart, Germany

Final Grade: 1.3 (excellent)

During my work in creative industries, I observed that there is quite often a strict separation between „technical“ and „creative“ roles and jobs. Given the rise of data-based services and products, I was interested in how creatives could use data to develop stunning ideas and concepts.


Therefore, I dedicated my Bachelor’s thesis to the question how data-driven display advertising should be conceptualised in order to create relevant contextual display ads.

Step 1

Benchmark analysis and recommendations

In a benchmark analysis I analysed eleven awarded data-driven online banner campaigns. The analysis considered both the conception and the distribution of each ad campaign. Based on the benchmark analysis’s results, I subsequently derived recommendations for the conception of contextual display advertising.

Step 2


In the next step, I outlined how the recommendations could be adapted, which I did by conceptualising a contextual banner campaign for the HR marketing of Interone GmbH.

Step 3


Finally, I evaluated both the recommendations and the concept by interviewing data and marketing experts.

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